Rike Sandlin

CEO at Rivervista Partners

Rike Sandlin advises organizations across the IT Asset Disposition and Electronics Recycling industry on Operational Excellence – the business strategies, go-to-market plans, processing best practices, sustainability initiatives, and continuous improvement – to enable scale and empower growth.

Before founding his consulting business, Rike was Chief Operating Officer of HiTech Assets, a leading IT asset recovery company.  He has also supported several M/A transactions, including evaluation, due diligence, and post-transaction integration.  As an advocate for best practices and high standards, Rike has been recognized throughout the industry by his appointments as Co-Chair of the R2 Technical Advisory Committee, Chairman of the RIOS Board of Directors, and Chair of ISRI’s Certification & Standards Committee.  Rike frequently speaks on best practices and standards for the IT, ITAD, and recycling industries.